Cappadocia Tour

Day 1 – Cappadocia to Nemrut Mountain

Depart in the morning from Göreme. Visit the 13th-century Seljuk Caravansarai “Karatayhan” after Kayseri. Next, stop in Pinarbasi for a short tea break before continuing to Tekir for lunch and a photo opportunity of the scenic Tekir Valley. Proceed to Kahraman Maras for the world-famous ice-cream, then drive to Kahta for a tea break and transfer to your hotel. Overnight in Nemrut. (Lunch-Dinner)

Day 2 – Nemrut to Harran

Early morning departure to the ruins. After disembarking the minibus, a 25-minute climb on foot takes you to the summit where you’ll witness a stunning sunrise amidst the colossal statues and heads of kings and gods. After sunrise, enjoy time for walking around and taking pictures. Return to the hotel for breakfast, then drive to Kahta. En route, visit the ruins of Arsemia, Roman Bridge of Cendere, and Royal Tomb of Karakus. Take a tea break in Kahta, then proceed to Sanli Urfa-Harran. Along the way, visit the Ataturk Dam, the largest dam in the Middle East. Check into your hotel in Sanliurfa, followed by lunch. Visit Abraham’s Cave and the Pools of Holy Carp, then explore the oriental covered bazaar. Continue to Harran, known for its unique Mud-Brick “beehive” houses mentioned in the book of Genesis, where Abraham spent his final years. Visit Harran’s ruins, including city walls, the oldest Islamic university, and an 18th-century castle. Return to the hotel after sunset for dinner and overnight in Sanliurfa. (Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner)

Day 3 – Sanliurfa to Göreme

Depart from Sanliurfa to Adana-Birecik, famous for its bald ibis birds (Kelaynak), which are found only in Birecik globally. Visit the Bald Ibis Breeding Farm, then have lunch. Drive up to the Taurus Mountains after Adana, with a tea break before continuing back to Göreme.