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Since 1990, more than 500,000 domestic and foreign visitors daily and alternate day Nimrod, Şanlıurfa, Göbeklitepe, Mardin and van tours are organized.

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    Mount Nemrut, Turkey, located in the province of Adıyaman 2.150 m high mountain. Facial measurements Kahta puturge while a large part of the county is located in the mountains near a little part of the Taurus mountain range in the vicinity of Malatya is located in Ankara.

    Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987, Mount Nemrut, established in 1988, is protected by Mount Nemrut National Park.

    Mountain in ancient times “Kommagene” known as home to the archaeological remains in this area. The tumulus of Antiochus giant statues and here, Eskikale, Yenikale, Karakus Hill and cendere bridge are cultural values remaining in the National Park.

    Antiochus in the East and West terraces with God-the statue of the goddess, as well as there is a statue of Lion and Eagle. Unique lion horoscope is located on the Western Terrace. Lion and beam of 16 on them 3 stars, there are Mars, Mercury and Jupiter are believed to represent the planets. The oldest known Horoscope in history.

    Sculptures in the Hellenistic Commagene and the country of Persian art, original art, as well as the cut away. In this sense, Nemrut Mountain “of Western and Eastern civilization the bridge” may be called.

    King Antiochus I of Commagene at the side, the top of this mountain in 62 BC, many Persian and Greek god statue, as well as his own tomb-temple. In the tomb, like the head of an eagle, the stone carvings of the gods in the lobby. The statue is known as the formation of hiyerotesyo shape.

    Excavated in 1881 by Karl Sester, a German engineer in the grave.

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    Mount Nemrut, Turkey is a place worth a visit and is known as one of the highest mountains. The most important feature of Mount Nemrut, seven sculpture created by the mass, is the presence of the group. This sculpture group, was built by King Antiochus I and Queen laodike. The most important view of Mount Nemrut, King Antiochus I of part of the Rock, where is located the holy tomb. Mount Nemrut, Turkey is known as one of the most beautiful mountains and will be visited by millions of tourists every year

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    Mount Nemrut, lies at an altitude of 2250 meters and is one of Turkey's highest mountains. At this height of the mountain is a mountain in the cold and snowy shows. Mount Nemrut, Turkey, to the north of Erzurum, is located in the vicinity.

    Nemrut mountain, in ancient times it was used as the Tomb of a king. Nemrut mountain, and the statues of the king and Queen are grave. Mount Nemrut, is regarded as one of Turkey's most important historical landmarks.

    Mount Nemrut, Turkey one of the highest mountains, because most of the tourists Nemrut mountain to climb. Nemrut mountain climbing, is quite a difficult job. Therefore, you should definitely hire a guide before you go mountain climbing Nemrut.

    If you want to climb Mount Nemrut, affordable, you can benefit from the type of Mount Nemrut. Follow

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    Mount Nemrut, is considered as one of Turkey's most important historical and cultural heritage. It is protected as a historic Monument, Mount Nemrut and the number of visitors increasing every day, can charm many people with history and natural beauty.

    Well, Nemrut Mountain, which can have when visiting privileges?

    1. Mount Nemrut and is protected as a historical monument, the number of visitors is increasing every day.

    2. History and natural beauty with a charming atmosphere.

    3. It offers visitors a variety of activities.

    4. It offers visitors an unforgettable experience.

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    Nemrut Mountain is located in BC. Mount Nemrut kommagene 1 century, which was the capital of the kingdom Desserts, nowadays is a place visited for tourism purposes. Tatlilari one of the most important features of Mount Nemrut, who was the founder of the kingdom of Antiochus I are sitting at the made by hand, and which is full of statues of various gods of the temple is the presence of Mount Nemrut.

    Where the temple is located on Mount Nemrut, Desserts, one of Turkey's highest mountains, is located at the summit of Mount Nemrut. To reach the temple on the summit, approximately a 1-hour walk should be. After reaching the summit, temples and sculptures of Mount Nemrut, the dessert place is worth a visit.